Traveler's Experience

Traveler's Experience

The final evaluation of a traveler’s experience in a destination or company will depend on numerous variables: before his trip, during the service delivery and after the trip.

In Squarefer we study all the variables that impact on the value chain of organizations with the aim of improving the traveler's experience:

Value chain analysis to identify key attributes and design the customer journey within the organization.


Feasibility analysis of new tourism services, business lines or attraction of new segments and demand markets.


Development and assessment of Business plans in the tourism sector.

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping programs, both online and in person, to learn about the experience of the service delivered from the customer's point of view.


Asesoramiento a empresas turísticas participando en la toma de decisiones y en la definición de estrategias.

Commercial representation

Commercial representation of companies, destinations, product clubs and associations in the organization and attendance at tourism trade fairs, workshops, press and blogger trips and familiarization trips.